The 3 GREATEST Education Technology tools that every teacher should know about RIGHT NOW!

Brad Evans August 21, 2012 1
The 3 GREATEST Education Technology tools that every teacher should know about RIGHT NOW!
  • Edmodo
  • Kahn Academy
  • Prezi

Educational Technology Tools

After reading a fantastic article from (50 education technology tools every teacher should know about) I saw some brilliant resources in there that can have a HUGE impact in my classroom and probably yours too!

However, I don’t know about you, but in my role as a teacher time is something I don’t have. I really don’t have the time to troll through 50 different (possibly fantastic, but possibly also overlapping) tools that can completely change the structure of my classroom. If  someone could just point out the top 3 that I need to try in the next week it would reduce the overwhelm.

So here it is, my fat trimmed, no nonsense top 3 education technology tools that every teacher should know about:

  • Edmodo – A great way for teachers to create their own on-line social learning classroom. The benefit is that you have the control as the community moderator. This is better than many of the other options because you simply have no control in them. Also, the students are often very familiar with the “facebook-esque” look of the site.
  • Kahn Academy – Currently a store house of over 3300 videos that teach students across many topics across the science and maths disciplines.
  • Prezi – This site has always been a great hit in my classroom! It allows you to create fascinating and interesting presentations that simply blow old MS Powerpoint out of the water.

So there you have it, at this point in time these are my 3 favourite educational technology tools for your classroom.

Please note that this not an exclusive list and is by no means all I use in my classroom. I have many others that I love and definetly plan on sharing with you at a later date, but to save you time – definetly check out these 3 sites this week! Better yet – Have a student review them for you!

Cheers for your time, If you disagree with my 3 picks, we would love to hear about what you think are the 3 best tools right now! Also, share the love and tell us how you use them in your classroom!

Until next time, may your classrooms buzz and whir..

- Brad Evans

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  1. Santi February 4, 2014 at 6:14 am - Reply

    Hi Brad, if you like using videos in your classroom with Khan Academy why don’t you check out EDpuzzle. We allow teachers like you to make any video your lesson by giving you the tools to tailor videos to your own classroom needs and by providing you with meaningful data about your students’ progress. Let me know what you think!

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